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Club Duties


There are four duties that club members perform each meeting, they are:

  • Speaker's Host

  • Soapbox

  • Raffle and Parting Thought

  • Greeter and Administration.


Speaker's Host
You are tasked with finding a speaker that can either educate club members, entertain them or advise them of community needs. It could be yourself! The speaker slot is not intended to be used to solicit for business or promote political interests.


The speaking time is from 7:30AM to 7:55AM to allow time for questions and the meeting wrap up. Please make sure the speaker is aware they need to finish by 7:55AM and that they can finish early if they wish as there are always plenty of questions.


Please use the Team Whakatū app to provide Speaker/Topic details: My Duties > Speaker Details at least 1 week prior to the meeting. You also need to register them as a non-paying guest for the meeting: Meetings > Add Guest.



The only boundary is time! -- which is 3 minutes. As for the speaker slot this is not intended to be used to solicit for business or promote political interests. Please do not overrun your allocated time as this could result in the Speaker running short of time.


Raffle and Parting Thought

Please arrive early. You are tasked with providing a raffle prize and selling tickets/collecting money from attendees (using the app). You are also responsible for thanking the speaker and offering a short parting thought (ideally in some way connected with the Speaker's topic).

After collecting the raffle money. please leave a float of $10 in the raffle cash bag. The remainder gets banked.

Greeter and Administration

Please arrive early. You are tasked with greeting all members (in particular to make any new or prospective members feel welcome) and using the app to confirm their attendance: Meetings > Meeting Attendance > (tap on name) > Confirm. Members need to have registered using the app in order for the Greeter to confirm their attendance. You should also help members find their name badges and collect all cash for those paying for their meals. After collecting up the meal money please leave $10 in the meals cash bag.



Club members are responsible for finding a replacement if they are unable to perform their duty on a given date (this is not the responsibility of the Robot or website administrator). You can use the app to achieve this, but please plan ahead. Also, if you know you are going to be away for certain meetings then please enter these using the Manage Absences feature of the app.

The following FAQ about duty changes may help.

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