Club Duties


There are four duties that club members perform each meeting, they are:

  • Speaker's Host

  • Soapbox

  • Raffle and Parting Thought

  • Greeter and Administration.


Speaker's Host
The member is tasked with finding a speaker that can either educate club members, entertain them or advise them of community needs.

The speaker slot is not intended to be used to solicit for business or promote political interests.


The speaking time is from 7:30AM to 7:55AM to allow time for questions and the meeting wrap up. Please make sure the speaker is aware they need to finish by 7:55AM and that they can finish early if they wish as there are always plenty of questions.


Please advise the web site administrator (currently Dave Thompson) as soon as you know who the speaker is, so that this can go on the web site.



The only boundary is time! -- which is 3 minutes.


Raffle and Parting Thought

Please arrive early!

The member is tasked with thanking the speaker, drawing the raffle (for the prize they brought) and offering a parting thought.

The member is also asked to actively sell raffle tickets, collect payments and promote the raffle prize!

After collecting up the raffle money please:

  • Leave a float of around $10 in the raffle cash bag.

  • Enter the amount in the cash to be banked (this does not include the float) in the log with the date, amount under the heading "Raffle".

  • If Karen is at the meeting please give her the cash to bank.


Greeter and Administration

Please arrive early!

The member is tasked with greeting all members (in particular any new or prospective members), noting all meeting attendees on the form provided and advising Trailways of the total number of breakfast attendees so the club is charged appropriately. The member will also collect all cash for those paying for their meals.

After collecting up the meal money please:

  • Leave $10 in the meals cash bag if available. It helps when folk turn up with a $50 note!

  • Enter the amount in the cash to be banked (this does not include the float) in the log with the date, amount under the heading "Meals".

  • Please give the raffle money to a member of the Executive for them to bank.



Club members are responsible for finding a replacement if they are unable to perform their duty on a given date (this is not the responsibility of the Robot or website administrator). Once you have done a swap with another person (best to plan this early), please let the Rotary web master know so that the schedule / robot can be updated.

If you know you are going to be away for a block of time, email the date range (start and end date) to the web master so that these can be factored into the schedule. The Robot is capable of factoring in this absence period if the dates are known and communicated in advance of the schedule being created. Thank you for your understanding.