Duty Roster

Member Duties

24 January

Speaker's Host: No formal speaker... be prepared to talk about what you did on holiday :-)
Soapbox: Dave Thompson
Raffle and Parting Thought: Karen Fern
Greeter and Administration: Tony Jemmett

31 January

Speaker's Host: Sanat Mishra
Soapbox: Deliese Mackay
Raffle and Parting Thought: Jingjing Jackson
Greeter and Administration: Rob Edmonds

7 February

Speaker's Host: Ruedi Schuler
Soapbox: John Price
Raffle and Parting Thought: Brian McGurk
Greeter and Administration: Paul McGuinness

14 February

Speaker's Host: Steve Kelso
Soapbox: Phil Gully
Raffle and Parting Thought: Bill Wagstaff
Greeter and Administration: Anna Gully

21 February

Speaker's Host: Scott Tambisari
Soapbox: Jo Stocker
Raffle and Parting Thought: Sue Lawrence
Greeter and Administration: Peter Archibald

28 February

Speaker's Host: Noel Tait
Soapbox: Sanat Mishra
Raffle and Parting Thought: Stu Hunt
Greeter and Administration: Brian McGurk

6 March

Speaker's Host: Kristine Marriott
Soapbox: Ruedi Schuler
Raffle and Parting Thought: Paul McGuinness
Greeter and Administration: Bill Wagstaff

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Club calendar

For 2020, this will be updated in due course...

Club Polo Shirts

Royal blue with gold trim, embroidered Rotary logo in gold on left front of shirt.


Please email Kerin Thompson if you would like to purchase a Whakatu Rotary polo shirt to wear at Club events. They are a great way to advertise our club and showcase our involvement with community activities.

The shirts are $36 each and a minimum of 4 shirts is required per order to cover freight costs. Delivery approx. 10 days.


Men’s sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

Women’s sizes: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18

2018-2019 Member Kit

The membership documents are:

Duty Guide

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